Kanshouji is a Zen temple.
 Kanshouji Zen Temple 25, Koushinmae, Kunotsubo, Kitanagoya-city, Aichi-pref., Japan, 481-0041
phone: +81(0)568-48-6515
E-mail : info@kanshouji.jp

http://kanshouji.jp (in Japanese)
http://kanshouji.jp/eng/ (in English)
http://kanshouji.jp/cn/ (in Chinese)

KANSHOUJI ZAZEN (meditation)

Meditation practice at the KANSHOUJI.
We organize a meditation twice a week at Kanshouji.
Now more than 20 devotees of all ages participate our meditation.
Schedule is following:
6:00am - 6:30am: Zazen (sit and meditate)
6:30am - 6:45am: samu (cleaning) or recite sutras when it is a raining day.
6:45am - 7:00am: teatime

We would like to welcome you to our meditation practice!
Please contact us or come by for a visit.

 ZAZEN Details information  
 Head Priest  Rev. Koumei Niwa 
 Place  Kanshouji
 Meditation day
& Time
 Saturday and Sunday morning (Except August)
 Fee  Free
 Instructor  Head priest
 Meditation lecture  Nothing at present.
(no. of beds)
 Languages  English, Chinese and Japanese
 Contact  Tel 0568-48-6515
  E-mail: info@kanshouji.jp 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

How to do ZAZEN, please refer to the following page.

and if you need more information about soto-zen, please refer to the following page.