Kanshouji is a Zen temple.
 Kanshouji Zen Temple 25, Koushinmae, Kunotsubo, Kitanagoya-city, Aichi-pref., Japan, 481-0041
phone: +81(0)568-48-6515
E-mail : info@kanshouji.jp

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New Year's prayer service on January 3rd

New Years prayer service

We had a New Year’s prayer service on January 3rd.

Following the ringing of temple bells, people sit and wait until the head priest appears.
Komei Niwa, the head priest of Kanshouji, comes out to the central of main hall and offers incense at the altar.
After he kneels three times, we start to read sutras.

Komei Niwa, the head priest of Kanshouji

During the reading of the sutras, the priest takes an instructional book and flips through the pages
It means that we read all should read the book.

People stand up and come close to the priest.
He touches their back with his book.
And then, people go to the hall holding memorial tablets and pray for their ancestors.

This is our traditional ceremony that we participate in every year.
We spend the New Year in awe.